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Jenny Giraffe discovers the French Quarter

Jenny Giraffe Discovers the French Quarter
by Cecilia Casrill Dartez

Illustrated by Shelby Wilson

ISBN: 0-88289-819-1

Jenny's first adventure. A delightful story of how Jenny "arrived" in New Orleans.
Hardcover, 32 pages

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Jenny Giraffe and the Streetcar Party
by Cecilia Casrill Dartez
Illustrated by Andy Green

ISBN 0-88289-962-7

Jenny experiences a birthday party on-board a streetcar, a special event that is unique to New Orleans children.
Hardcover, full color, 32 pages

An Accelerated Reader Selection: Level 3.9


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Jenny Giraffe Discovers Papa NoŽl
by Cecilia Casrill Dartez
Illustrated by Andy Green

ISBN 1-56554-263-0

Jenny's usual curiosity leads her on a journey to discover the special New Orleans tradition of preparing for Papa NoŽl (Santa Claus); and, the special tradition of the levee bonfires.
Hardcover, full color, 32 pages

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Jenny Giraffe's Mardi Gras Ride
by Cecilia Casrill Dartez
Illustrated by Andy Green

ISBN 1-56554-182-0

Climb aboard the Smokey Mary float with Jenny Giraffe and her mother in a Mardi Gras parade to learn all about Mardi Gras fun and traditions.
Hardcover, full color, 32 pages



Jenny Giraffe's stories are also read on tape by Cecilia Casrill Dartez

Each tape is read by the author and there are special sound effects. Beginning readers can follow along the take while watching the pictures in the book.



L is for Louisiana
by Cecilia Casrill Dartez

Do you know about Gumbo and Fais-Do-Do? This full color, photographic alphabet features Louisiana children enjoying the wonder of their special state. Everything is explained in child-appealing language. Hardcover

State Approved: McGraw Hill's K-4 Louisiana Social Studies Program 1999 to 2005


The Louisiana Plantation Coloring Book
by Cecilia Casrill Dartez
Illustrations by Joseph A. Arrigo

ISBN: 0-88289-473-0

Take a trip down the Mississippi River and enter the once-upon-a-time world of plantation life. Plantation homes line the banks of the Mississippi River from St. Francisville to New Orleans. Dating back to the 1700s, these elegant mansions have formal ballrooms, delicate chandeliers, and large, open porches that overlook landscaped gardens.


A Marmac Guide to New Orleans (Editor)
2000 edition

ISBN 1-56554-424-2

Comprehensive guide to New Orleans featuring restaurants, lounges, Jazz and music clubs, and guided tours . This new edition also includes sections for special activities, places, restaurants and events for families with children. Black and white illustrations and maps; handbag size paperback
Tourist comment: "My favorite guide to New Orleans!"


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